Nike Snowboarding Athlete Video: Feed Me-A Greasebus Tour

The concept behind "Feed Me" was to bring a creative perspective to sustainability. Partnering up with GREASEBUS, Nike Snowboarding went on an editorial road trip with athletes, videographers, and photographers. The goal was to produce an engaging video highlighting the advantages of sustainability and an editorial story focused around the Nike Snowboarding Team. By bringing these elements together, we can educate a younger generation about their part in sustainability through Nike Snowboarding’s unique lens. 

The Narrative: To ride the GREASEBUS you must “Do your part”. During the day all is fun and games for the athletes. But once the sun goes down, it’s time to “Do their part”. They must eat crazy amounts of fast food to produce enough grease to fill back up a Jug that fuels the bus. Each night they become more and more disoriented and unhealthy. The effects will gradually get worse each stop. The only way to lessen the effects is to shred it off until they reach their final destination.